How often are the rates and residuals updated?

The rates are updated within 48 business hours of the programs being published by the manufacturer.

What if there is an enhancement mid-month, do you update them as well?

Yes! We have an ear close to the ground and provide mid-month updates. Allow up to 48 hours for changes.

How are the rates update? Is it done manually or automatically?

Auto Matrix 360 created a unique algorithm that combines millions of data points from many different sources. We cross reference our programs with other sources to ensure all the data is up-to-date and accurate.

We also manage a lot of the data manually to ensure the rebates and programs we feature are the same ones as brokers get from their dealers.  Ultimately, the data is exactly the same as if you were to run each quote yourself manually with your dealer.

How is your system different than ADP?

ADP is just a lease calculator with rates and residuals. Our system has cars already loaded with MSRP, Invoice, default rebates, non-default rebates, and the ability to price out cars within seconds. Unique search filters based on monthly payment, miles, lease structure etc. Plus many more features like inventory, email marketing templates, CRM and much more coming. We are always pushing the envelope with new features and options to enable our clients the ability to sell cars faster and more efficiently.

Do you offer a CRM system?

Our online dashboard has a variety of functional CRM features. With a complete CRM that is in the works and will be available soon.

Can I create emails with lease prices directly from the system?

Yes! Our unique system gives you the ability to work a deal like you normally would, and then populate the relevant data points directly into an email template that we periodically update. So, you can now stay in touch with your clients more often with the up-to-date pricing!

Can I access the program from my phone?

No, the online dashboard can only be accessed from a designated IP address when signing up.

Can I share my login with others in my office?

You may purchase a minimum of 3 users per office. If you want to share it amongst more people you can, however, it will kick you out if you in the middle of working a deal. Call your account manager to upgrade your number of users on your account package.

Can I create dealer disclosures or worksheets from your system?

Yes, you can, the information is ready to go. This is literally the only solution you need to sell cars. Save your money on all the other programs you have, this has them all and much much more! It is literally a business-in-a-box!

How accurate is the inventory? How often is it updated?

The inventory is always accurate and the data provided is a real car with a real Vin Number. However, it could be an inbound car or even a sold car that was not updated yet. We update the feed daily but remember, some dealers are not as quick to update theirs. When working a deal and picking a car from inventory, we suggest to select at least 2 just in case one is already sold.

Do you have programs from all banks, or just the bank of the manufacturer?

Yes, we carry programs from all major banks in the industry, such as Haan Financial, CAL Automotive, US Bank, Grove Car Credit Union etc.

If I refer a friend do I get a discount?

Auto Matrix 360 has an exciting Referral program and we encourage building business-relationships, please contact your service rep for more details (844) 559-AUTO