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Streamline Your Own Auto Dealership

Auto Matrix 360 brings everything your automotive dealership needs into one, clean, easy-to-use, online dashboard. Minimize errors, reduce customer wait time, and increase your businesses productivity with our all-inclusive online dashboard!

Instant access to thousands of vehicle makes & models, with all the latest rebate programs and pricing structures. Filter through all the vehicles instantly and in real-time!


Instant Access to Huge Inventory

Get instant access to thousands of vehicle makes & models, their MSRP, invoice data, and much more thanks to our internal network of participating dealers. And with an added bonus, the ability to add custom dealers!

Real-Time Search Filtering

Filter through thousands of vehicles instantly with real-time search result updates! Vehicles can be filtered by a wide array of variables that best fit your customer preferences.

Daily Updates & Live Photos

Our database is updated daily so you can be sure you are always viewing the most accurate pricing info with all the most recent rebates applied.

The Next Level Of Automotive Dealership Desking Software

Have you ever wished there was an easier way to keep track of all your appointments and meetings? We’ve listened to your requests and we have the answer.

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Bring Your Office With You – Sell Anywhere, Anytime!

There’s no need to complicate something that should be simple. With Auto Matrix 360, feeling constrained to your office will be a thing of the past.

Where were these guys for the last 10 years!! Wow! What a difference it made in my business ! My crew and I have saved dozens of hours per week on researching numbers for prospects all day. By the time we got them the quote, the customer already got the car. We are now able to provide quotes within seconds. Most times my clients say “call me when you have the numbers”, I just tell them to wait on the line as I can generate quotes instantly. They are always blown away. Competition takes days to get back to clients, we take minutes !! Great Job Auto Matrix keep up the good work!!

Steven KholeMX Auto Sales

Since we started with the program I have added 3 more salespeople. I am no longer worried someone will come in learn my business and leave. With this system we’ve split up the sales process from the fulfillment process. This way my salespeople use the program top quote all day and bring in deals, and I source the cars. Thereby separating my dealer from salesman! Incredible job guys!! Keep up the great work!!

Jane SergoyvichUltra Leasing

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